About us

Zichron Yaakov was one of the first Jewish agricultural colonies to come under the wing of Baron Edmond James de Rothschild. In 1885 Rothschild helped to establish the first winery in Israel. Over a century later, the first “Wine Spa” in Israel was born.
At Yama wine spa, you can indulge in a variety of unique treatments, planned and researched in depth around the globe. Imagine having a fresh grape massage from the local vineyard, or soaking in a jacuzzi spiked with the juice, oils and extracts of the Merlot grapes. How about scrubbing your skin with grape seeds and being wrapped in wine, natural extracts and organic essential oils?

It sounds like an oenophile’s fantasy, but this is no wine-induced dream.

In recent years chic wine spas and luxury Vinotherapy resorts have sprung up on vineyards and wine estates all over the world including the USA, Europe, Australia, Argentina, Mexico, Africa and now Israel.

Yama wine spa opens before you a gate to the world of Vinotherapy, where romance, health and wine meet. The boutique spa in Zichron Yaakov overlooks the intoxicating view of sea and vineyards, and gives unique wine treatments.

Yama Wellness Center is the first wine spa in Israel which uses the anti aging ingredients of wine and grapes with an emphasis on their health benefits, and the effect on the look and feel of the skin. The treatments are given by a professional and experienced staff of alternative health care professions including physical therapy, acupuncture, reflexology…

“I ask you”, says Amit Ronat, Physiotherapist and founder of the Yama Wine Spa, “What can be better than enjoying a wine bath while gazing out onto a picturesque view of vineyards, migrating birds, and the Mediterranean Sea? Drinking the wine of your choice with a rich platter of fresh cheese while swinging in a hammock is when your treatment becomes an extension of the environment you’re in, total and complete self immersion in the experience”.

Amit describes the unique experience, the therapeutic qualities of the treatments and high quality Vinotherapy products made by a qualified staff for the production of natural high end cosmetics. The emphasis on small details, highest quality and privacy, can only be made possible in a boutique spa dreamt by an experienced therapist and a qualified fantasizer.