Packed in the seeds, skins and stems of every grape is an extremely high level of antioxidants, polyphenols and resveratrol, that stimulate the production of collagen, combat free radicals and prevent the premature aging of the skin as well as improving blood circulation, stimulating the immune system and combating fatigue- principals at the very core of any spa therapy. These antioxidants are fifty times the strength of vitamin E and ten times the strength of vitamin C.

Recent studies suggesting that the French suffer less heart disease due to a regular intake of wine (“the French Paradox”) confirmed what most oenophiles have long suspected: Wine not only tastes good; it’s good for you.

That’s where Vinotherapy / wine therapy comes in!

Vinotherapy has been used in anti aging cosmetic treatments and spas for over a decade.

Yama Wellness Center is the first wine spa in Israel which uses the anti aging ingredients of wine and grapes and is given by a professional and experienced staff of alternative health care practitioners—including physical therapy, acupuncture, reflexology…

Amit describes the unique experience, the therapeutic qualities of the treatments and high quality Vinotherapy products made by a qualified staff for the production of natural high end cosmetics. The emphasis on small details, highest quality and privacy, can only be made possible in a boutique spa dreamt by an experienced therapist and a qualified fantasizer.

Yama wine spa opens before you a gate to the world of Vinotherapy, where romance, health and wine meet.