The owners

My name is Amit Ronat, qualified Physical Therapist with 9 years experience, Tel Aviv University graduate and with 19 years experience in medical and holistic Massage Therapy. Together with my partner Ariella Bugod-Ronat, Designer, Bezalel graduate, we decided to merge 3 profound loves- Treatments, Wine and Aesthetics. Apparently we weren’t the first to think so, since Wine spas and Vinotherapy centers have been becoming more and more popular.

“The connection between treatments, wine and Zichron Ya’akov began over 8 years ago as an original idea of mine upon looking at a photo of a Finnish wooden bath resembling a wine barrel. My fondness of wine led me to thoughts of treatments with wine and grapes. After extensive research I discovered I wasn’t the first…”

In 4th century B.C. the Greek physician Hippocrates described the incorporation of wine in treatment of his patients. In 1800’s France, Louis Pasteur described wine as the most healthful and hygienic beverage.

However, the surprising fact to me was that a “Wine Spa” existed in Bordeaux France, for over a decade.

Moreover, a field called “Vinotherapy” combines spa, cosmetics and wine.

“During the following 4 years we visited Wine spas in Argentina, USA and Italy experiencing different treatments. While continuing my work as a Physiotherapist and working at 2 leading spas in Israel, I continued thorough research and conversations, Wine Courses, tastings and exhibitions, natural cosmetics courses, Masters degree in Health administration management…”.

“Now, thanks to Ariella my wife and her Architect parents Eunice and Peter along with many visionary friends, our dream of opening the first Wine spa in Israel has come true, in the place where wine culture was born”.